Monday, November 24, 2008

Cards made to order

Here are some cards I made to order. This cute train card was for a boy's first birthday.

This is another one I made for the boy first birthday. I made 5 cards for the customer. He only bought 2 of them but because they didn't have a name or anything specific on them I can just add the others to my collection. It's hard to see from the picture but the hat, nose and accordion are raised with foam squares, like paper tole but only one layer.

This is another paper tole style card. The flower, clock and balloon are raised with foam squares.

More first birthday boy cards.

My mum asked me to make this one. She said she wanted something bright and colourful.

This was my first order for someone other than a friend or family member. I mailed it to the customer but didn't hear from her so I hope she was happy with it. She asked for a mauve coloured card for her niece's 18th birthday and told me she played piano. I think it turned out well!!

I made this cute one for my sister's birthday in November. The flowers are raised with foam squares.

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travelin del said...

They look great!!
I really like the one you made for your mum and the one for the 18th did come out really well, don't worry that they didn't get back to you :)
You are doing an Awesome job! Keep it up (^o^)

The Vintage Rose said...

These show a nice variety of cards you have made, I really liked the ones you made for the Engagement too.