Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cute Christmas Boxes

Here are some sweet little boxes and handbags I've made for Christmas. Each one contains lollies, chocolate santa's, candy canes, etc. The small boxes are $5 each. The handbags, larger boxes and triangle tree boxes are $8 each.

Cute handbags - $8 each

Small boxes - $5 each

Hanging Christmas tree boxes - $8

Christmas trays (2 designs) - $8

Large Christmas boxes - $8

Small and Medium Christmas wreaths - $15 and $18

The majority of stamped images on my products are copyright of Stampin’ Up!® 1990- 2009


travelin del said...

Wow Jo they are so creative and very professional looking too! Well done chicky!!! If I only had money I'd buy them for all my friends!!
Hope you are going well beautiful!

The Vintage Rose said...

Hope you went well at the Springwood Ivy Markets today, I love the gorgeous designs of your boxes and candy canes in them are so festive!
Your designs are so creative!