Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy New Year! Great new products!!

Hi there fellow blogger's!! I hope everyone had a happy and safe Christmas!
As it has been over a month since my last post I have lots of new picture's. (I'd like to mention that I am not a photographer and, though I do try, my photo's are not always of the best quality. So please don't judge my products by the photo's as they look much better in real life.)
The markets have been a little quieter than I had imagined when I first started my business. Some of this is due to the current financial circumstances which the majority of people are experiencing and some of it is due to my choices of markets which I have attended. However, poor choice of markets was only discovered by giving them a go in the first place.
This year I will continue at Springwood Community Ivy Markets on the second Saturday of each month and I also plan to start at Windsor Mall Markets every Sunday but this will depend on when I get a gazebo as it is outdoors. In the mean time I will attend some other indoor markets in the mountains. (I will put a note of which markets on my blog.) I went to Leura Public School markets on Sunday the 4th (first Sunday of each month) and apparently it was the quietest day they had seen in a long time but even for a quiet day there was enough people there to make me want to go back and see how busy it can get! So if you're looking for something to do on the weekends why not check out your local (or even not so local) markets. Leura Public School markets was great! Lots of stalls, both inside and out, so it's a great day out rain or shine.

These are my exciting new products! Funky A4 lever ring binders.
Selling price - $12 - $15
(Don't forget you can order one with your fave colours, etc.)

Full imageClose up

Full image Close up
Another new product which I'd like to make many more of, shadow box frame. Price - $20
I got these butterflies from a "Things to see in Canberra" catalogue. There was so many of them that I made these gorgeous box frames and some great cards too. I chopped the butterflies out of the magazine and then stuck them on to cardstock so that they would be thicker and the back of them would be a plain colour rather than writing and pictures. Finally, I cut each one out neatly and individually. This took quite some time!!

Please leave a comment. Tell me what you think of my blog, products, prices, etc. I value your feedback. (Also, click on images to view larger version)

The majority of stamped images on my products are copyright of Stampin’ Up!® 1990- 2009

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Leslie said...

Your cards are great, I am sure you will do well. I enjoy your blog.

Hugs ~~~~ Leslie