Thursday, June 18, 2009

More Book Covers

Here are my new book covers. From now on I will have 5 regular sizes - A4 notebook/diary/art book, A5 notebook/diary/art book, slim diary, small art book and Address book (smaller than A5. No pic's yet). For any other sizes please enquire via phone or email and give me the measurements. They all open slightly different some have studs or buttons and a new one which I'll continue to use is elastic which you pull over to the front to open (so that it is on the back when it is closed).

Small art book
A5 art book or diary
A4 art book or diary
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Some of these photo's did not turn out very well. I will replace them with better quality pic's as soon as I can.

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Wanda. said...

Adorable book covers!! You're very talented!!! TFS